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Spirit Journey [CD]


Enhance your meditations and explore new areas of your inner consciousness.
"Spirit Journey" is perfect for both the experienced and beginner meditator. This CD uses dual hemisphere stimulation to propel you very quickly into a lucid altered state, helping you to get into a deep meditative state within minutes.

Use this CD to:
  • Rapidly enter a deep meditative state!

  • Explore your consciousness and thoughts.

  • Learn the nature of your spirit.

  • Positive effects continue after the use of the CD

  • Works with and without headphones. Requires headphones for dual hemispheric stimulation.

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“Spirit Journey” is the perfect meditation tool; using powerful split hemispheric stimulation it very quickly propels you into a meditative state. Once there you will travel deep into the realms of your spirit, carried by the beautiful relaxing music, combined with our unmatched brainwave entrainment technology.

Featuring two tracks, totaling 60 minutes. Each track will help induce powerful meditations.

CD Tracks: (Click on the titles below to download a sample)

1. Spirit Journey - [30 minutes]
2. Spirit Journey - with Rain and Thunder - [30 minutes]


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