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The Amazon holds many secrets, not least of which are the many varied rituals of the Shamanic cultures. The ways of the shaman have continued to gain keen interest from the modern Western community.  Of chief focus within the shamanic knowledge is the understanding of consciousness itself. Many rituals of the shaman seemingly possess keys into the very heart of consciousness, unlocking something that science is only now just discovering.

With the advent of the Electronencephalograhy (EEG) Device and the possibility to monitor and record brainwaves, many new areas of scientific research have opened up. The paper EEG Gamma Coherance and Other Correlates of Subjective Reports During Ayahuasca Experiences (2005) by DE Stuckey examines the Shamanic vine, Ayahuasca and determines via EEG readings, some of its effects upon brainwave patterns.

Erik Hoffmann speaks highly of Ayahuasca, in his paper ‘Effects of a Psychedelic, Tropical Tea, Ayahuasca, on the Electroencephalographic (EEG) Activity of the Human Brain during a Shamanistic Ritual’. The following quote is a reflection of the scientific community's growing acceptance into Psychedelics as a valid area of research.

“This [the Ayahuasca experience] is an altered state comparable to, however more profound than, the meditative state. Our results suggest that ingesting Ayahuasca may provide individuals with increased access to subconscious processes and feelings while in a wakeful, relaxed state. Thus, Ayahuasca has the potential to become a potent tool in the process of psychotherapy.”

Such research marks a trend that has matured enough to move away from the psychedelic stigma of the 1960’s. The following image from the same paper, shows an EEG reading both before and after the consumption of Ayahuasca.

Effects of Ayahuasca on Brainwave Frequency Patterns

This exciting research and others like it move the Shamanic understandings ever closer to mainstream acceptance, and this can only be of great benefit to all of humanity.  Not only in the sense that it expands general scientific knowledge, but it also affords each of us the opportunity as individuals to gain a stronger understanding of our own consciousness. Whilst the use of shamanic plants such as Ayahuasca may not be appealing to everyone, modern technology can harness this research and make it much more accessible.

As I explore each new piece of research and continue my own endeavors into the emergence of shamanic/scientific understanding, I find the work of Brainwave-Sync becomes further enriched. This maintains an ongoing approach in the pursuit of unlocking the shamanic mysteries, which is in turn shared directly with everyone who continues to support the Brainwave-Sync work and products.

Marcus Ashley

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