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Shamanic Consciousness [CD]



Based on the research by DE Stuckey into the Sacred Ayahuasca of the Shamans of Peru, this CD contains brainwave frequencies which mirror those during sacred Ayahuasca trance.  Recorded with powerful audio from nature and combined with mysterious sounds that evoke sensations of the shamanic altered state.

Playing the full 65 minute audio will become an indispensable aid for your metaphysical journeys.

Use this CD to:

  • Experience dream-like sensations.
  • As an aid for very deep meditations.
  • Enhance your Shamanic / Spiritual practices.

  • Promote mental and emotional healing.
  • Positive effects continue after the use of the CD
  • Requires Headphones for Dual-Hemispheric effects


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Full of evoking natural and mysterious sounds, this special Shaman-Tek CD is based upon extensive research into the shamanic  rituals of Peru.  Using dual-hemispheric technology, as well as Brainwave-Sync’s highly respected entrainment techniques ‘Shamanic Consciousness’, becomes a journey into the deepest realms of your being.

CD Track:

1. Shamanic Consciousness - [65 minutes]
        Headphones Required for Dual Hemi-Spheric Entrainment

Using this Brainwave-Sync Shaman-TekTM CD you can quickly and effectively induce you own brainwaves into a profound state of mental heightened consciousness.


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