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Relaxation! [CD]


After a hard days work, when you need to unwind, or just because you deserve it our 'Relaxation!' CD provides all you need to get the best from your quiet moments.  Using embedded brainwave technology in the alpha frequency, and featuring 25 minutes of relaxing music and rain, as well as a further 25 minutes of ocean surf and faint music.

Use this CD to:
  • Instantly relax!
  • Unwind after a hard day
  • For mild stress relief
  • As a tool for light meditations
  • This CD works with and without headphone
  • Bring about permanent positive change

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Featuring 50 minutes of audio combined with embedded brainwave entrainment tones across two tracks:

CD Tracks:
1. Light Relaxation!
2. Deep Relaxation!

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