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Inspiration! [CD]


When you need inspiration and a creative boost, look no further than Habit-Breaker's "Inspiration!" CD.  Containing powerful brainwave entrainment technology designed to optimise your creative thoughts.  The embedded brainwave frequencies within the audio on this CD, mirror the alpha and theta spikes found in the brain during moments of creativity and inspiration.

Use this CD to:
  • Gain boosts of inspiration and creativity!
  • Help with writers block
  • Get those creative juices flowing
  • Enhance your work
  • This CD works with and without headphones
  • Bring about permanent positive change

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Featuring 67 minutes of audio combined with embedded brainwave entrainment tones across three tracks:

CD Tracks:
1. Inspiration! - Beach
2. Inspiration! - Mountain Wind
3. Inspiration! - Forest

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