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Higher Balance [CD]


Higher Balance
"Higher Balance" will take you into a higher state of mind with its powerful Gamma Frequencies. In heightened states the human brain produces frequencies exceeding 70hz, these are much higher than the day-to-day frequencies of the mind. The Gamma frequency has been associated with moments of clarity, spiritual experiences and increased cognitive abilities, and is one of the most powerful brainwave frequencies. "Higher Balance" uses the 40hz frequency which has been the subject of a number of scientific studies, and proven to be extremely powerful and effective.

Featuring two tracks, totaling 70 minutes. Each track will induce powerful gamma stimulation.

CD Tracks:

1. Higher Balance - [35 minutes]
2. Higher Balance - The City - [35 minutes]

Gain these rewards and more:
  • Experience the Gamma brainwave frequency!

  • Profoundly alter your consciousness

  • Associated with spiritual / higher state experiences

  • Promote brain development and enhancement with regular use

  • Increase your cognitive abilities

  • Break out of entrenched and sluggish emotional patterns

  • Works with and without headphones

  • Bring about permanent positive change

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