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Heart Chakra [CD]


Awaken your heart chakra energy with this CD! Our powerful technology targets the natural frequency of the heart chakra in order to clear and open your chakra. With continued use of this CD, you will notice deeply remarkable effects in a very short amount of time!

This CD contains 60 minutes of brainwave entrainment audio, encoded with multiple layers of entrainment technology. As your journey into this audio progresses, you will feel a deep compassionate warmth
. Over time you heart chakra will begin to open.

Featuring the sounds of wind chimes, combined with a relaxing musical ambiance, all enhanced with the power of brainwave entrainment!

Awakening of the Heart Chakra can be a deeply moving and wonderful experience. The 4th CD in our Chakra Meditation series gives you the power to gently and effectively unlock the warmth of this chakra. [Length: 60 minutes]

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