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Music has always been a great tool for relaxation; it sooths the nerves, calms the mind, and allows us to forget about our worries. Who can ask for more than that? Yet, with Brainwave Entrainment, more certainly is possible and in fact not only possible, but a hard and fast reality. Using the brainwave entrainment technology explained on our other pages, music and indeed any other audio is subtly altered to provide a deep experience of relaxation. As the brain synchronizes with the frequencies embedded into the audio, you are gently pulled downwards and away from heightened emotional states of stress and anxiety. In most cases the alpha frequency range is used to enable this refreshing experience, though from time to time the theta frequency can also be adopted.

Generally a relaxation audio will transition from an active brainwave frequency state, and slowly move towards the goal of deep alpha. The transition is often subtle so as not to drag the listener out of the experience - the subtly employed in the use of various brainwave entrainment techniques is often an art form in itself. It needs to be pervasive, yet not so much as to be distracting or else the aim of the experience - relaxation - becomes totally redundant. Therefore any techniques need to avoid stress upon the senses, they need to flow with the emotions the audio evokes rather than against.

We have also worked with methods that are multi-tiered. That is, a relaxation CD will take you through various steps before, each one designed to help you release any anxiety and stress. This is not unlike working with Yoga or any other relaxation technique; you slowly work the muscles, body and mind into a completely relaxed state through incremental steps. The Brainwave-Sync relaxation CDs and MP3s have taken this same long held approach; the audio is engaging both mentally and emotionally, once your mind is engaged then it is possible to take it towards any desired goal - in this case to relax. The entrainment techniques work by slowly ramping downwards from mentally active frequencies towards much calmer ones, with each step your mind and body come closer in tune with the target frequency.

Generally any stimulus will cause a feedback response within the brain, these are seen via an EEG monitor as 'brainwaves'. The more stimulus the body receives, the greater the impact upon the quantity and diversity of brainwave frequencies. An active person will have many different layers of frequencies active within the brain at any given moment, and often each hemisphere of the brain will have a different frequency. This can led to mental hyper-activity, stress and emotional anxiety. This explains why when we sit still we start to relax; the less 'input' we are receiving, the less our brainwaves fluctuate.

There is another factor involved however, and that is our 'thoughts'. All day everyday we have thousands of thoughts running through our brains, generally these thoughts come and go of their own accord. We have as much control over our thoughts as we have control over our breathing; in short it is an automatic process. This is where thoughts differ from the activity of 'thinking'. Thinking is an action we undertake, whereas 'thoughts' are something that occur. Again this is an element that will heavily influence our brainwave patterns.

In short reducing the amount of physical stimulus by sitting or laying down with our eyes closed, drastically reduces the noise and static within our brainwaves. Listening to music reduces the flow of the automatic thought process, therefore opening the path for additional methods and techniques. A good brainwave entrainment MP3 or relaxation CD will take all this into account. It will provide engaging audio that drastically reduces the 'noise and static' that is in all of our minds, it will then subtly introduce one or more brainwave entrainment techniques to bring the listeners brainwaves into a steady pattern, one that is far more conducive to relaxation - creating a state of mind free of stress and anxiety.

The audio download below is a short 10 minute brainwave entrainment relaxation MP3 that employs all the techniques mentioned above.

Brainwave Entrainment - 
Relaxation MP3 - Download
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