Fractal VR

Meditation and fractals are things we at Brainwave-Sync have been working on for years, our meditation music systems have proven very popular and our acclaimed video "Fractal Meditation System" as seen on Gaiam TV is always in high demand.

With this in mind we have begun moving forward on a new project which combines the new and wonderful technology of virtual reality.

These technologies have the potential to work perfectly hand-in-hand providing for an unparalleled dynamic and interactive meditation experience.  Building upon the work already done in "The Fractal Meditation System", Fractal VR takes the next step in immersing you in a truly all encompassing meditative reality.

Imagine your mind being entrained into a deep alpha or theta state, as you physically perceive beautiful fractals unfold around you.  Now envision walking into, through and around those fractals.  This is the surface of what is possible with virtual reality.  Technology used to make manifest the inner spiritual realms, into worlds that we can physically see and share with those around us.

Fractal VR is in the early stages of development and will be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Windows PC.

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