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Creativity and Inspiration [CD]


Inspire your mind and unlock your creative potential! Create vibrant and positive brainwaves using Brainwave-Sync’s powerful technology. ‘The Instrumental Meditation’ CDs feature moving and inspiring music played on the most classic of instruments. Listen to Bach’s Prelude to Partitata played on acoustic guitar, and hear amazing compositions of various piano works.

All encoded with mind alerting brainwave entrainment, focused specifically upon creativity and inspiration frequencies. Go further than ever before, simply by listening!

CD Tracks:

1. Partita No. 3 in E Major, Preludio – Bach
2. Dreaming – CJ Brough
3. Glaxinia - Antonio Raffone
4. Fuxia - Antonio Raffone
5. Recursion – Michael David Crawford
6. Grindstone – Torley
7. Develop – Torley
8. Developing Themes - Torley

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