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Brainwave Research on Shamanic Ayahuasca - Free Binaural Beats

Brainwave entrainment has been extensively researched now for decades, and its effects are well documented.  Brainwave-Sync takes this research and builds upon it, pushing the envelope in a bold new direction.  We understand the intricate knowledge and data gathered from the science behind brainwave entrainment, which has become a very strong foundation upon which Brainwave-Sync is built.  Yet we also have extensive knowledge and experience of the ancient traditions from across the millennia which were used to induce brainwave entrainment like effects.  Many indigenous tribal and shamanic cultures have long understood how to subtlety and intensely alter mental states by using sound.

Brainwave-Sync merges the ancient with the modern, bringing together the shamanic understandings of consciousness and combing them with the rational approach of science.

There are currently two categories of CDs available from Brainwave-Sync:

Radiant-Tek Brainwave-Sync Brainwave Entrainment

The Radiant-TekTM CDs are first and foremost aimed at enhancing the intellectual abilities and stimulating desired emotional centres.  The potential for these CDs is virtually limitless!  With Radiant-TekTM, you can increase your potential and relieve emotional burdens with a wide range of CDs covering aspects such as; creativity and inspiration, relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, sleep induction, as well as covering areas such as addiction recovery and help with ADD and other such conditions.

 Radiant-TekTM is the first place to stop to enhance your life!

Shaman-Tek Brainwave-Sync Brainwave Entrainment

For meditation, lucid dreaming and exploration of consciousness.  Shaman-TekTM will propel you into entire new worlds - these CDs can be used for meditation, relaxation and for those who wish to explore their spiritual nature an expand their consciousness.  The Shaman-TekTM CDs allow you to look into the infinite nature of spiritual reality, from simply light meditations, to deeply profound moments of insight.  Induce visions or lucid dreams - there are vast unexplored areas of human consciousness - the Shaman-TekTM CDs act as the key into that amazing doorway.

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