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Brain Training for ADD / ADHD [CD]


Using Brainwave Entrainment to help people with ADD and ADHD
has been the focus of many recent scientific studies. Amazingly, it has regularly been shown that brain entrainment can and indeed does help!

Brainwave entrainment works by using sound to change the listeners brainwaves. People with ADD or ADHD often have 'too much' of certain brainwave frequencies such as Alpha or Beta. Based on the ADD research of Michael Joyce, David Siever, John Carter and Harold Russell, this CD stimulates Alpha, SMR in the right brain hemisphere and Alpha, Beta in the left. This brings the listeners brainwave patterns into a more 'balanced' frequency and has again and again shown to be of great benefit to people with ADD or ADHD.

Use this CD to:
  • Help manage ADD and ADHD*.

  • Increase focus and concentration.

  • Promote calmness and relaxation.

  • Positive effects continue after the use of the CD

  • Short 25 minute sessions designed to be fun and enjoyable.

  • Requires headphones.
Using brainwave entrainment technology, the brains two hemispheres are stimulated with natural and balanced frequencies aimed at promoting focus and concentration, whilst at the same time bringing about a state of calmness and relaxation. The methods of entrainment used on this CD are based upon a number of successful ADD brainwave entrainment studies.

Split across three separate and self-contained 25 minute tracks, designed to help manage ADD / ADHD as well as be fun and enjoyable.

CD Tracks: (Click on the titles below to download a sample)

1. ADD / ADHD - with Music - [25 minutes]
2. ADD / ADHD - Train Ride - [25 minutes]
3. ADD / ADHD - with White Noise [25 minutes]


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