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Anxiety and Stress Relief [CD]


Discover your complete potential with our 'Mind Enhancement' CDs! Using Brainwave-Sync's powerful brainwave entrainment technology, you can alter your brainwaves to a positive frequency simply by listening to the CD for a few minutes.

Become stress free with this 'Anxiety and Stress Relief' brainwave entrainment CD. Unwind quickly and effectively by listening to this audio for just a few minuets. Each track uses multiple brainwave frequencies and powerful entrainment technology, to help you gain release from stress and anxiety.

Reap these rewards and more:
  • Free yourself from Anxiety and Stress!

  • Perfect aid for relaxation after a busy day.

  • Clear your mind, and remove those negative thought-loops

  • Listen whilst you sleep for even further benefits!

  • Works with and without headphones

  • Bring about permanent change

Discover a world of pure bliss, as you leave all anxiety and stress far behind. Using powerful brainwave entrainment technology, you can modify your brainwaves simply by listening to this profound CD. Recorded to rich ambient audio, and overlaid with the relaxing sound of ocean surf - these CD tracks have been encoded with multiple frequencies designed to target and relieve all tension, stress and anxiety.

CD Tracks:(Click on the titles below to download a sample)

1. Anxiety Relief - [30 minutes]
2. Stress Relief - [30 minutes]

Play the entire CD from beginning to end to gain rapid relief from stress and anxiety! Or simply listen to your favourite track for a quick entrainment session.

Using this Brainwave-Sync CD you can quickly and effectively induce your own brainwaves into the necessary pattern to
become stress and anxiety free!


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