About Brainwaves

At any one moment, the human brain contains thousands of different brainwaves which are produced by the electrical signals transmitted between the billions of neurons from which the brain is constructed. Through the use of specialised equipment, such as an EEG it is possible to see and record all brainwave activity, which then allows for the brainwaves to be analysed and monitored. EEG recordings show that brainwaves change depending upon the activity of the monitored individual.

There are many forms of brainwaves, but in essence they can be grouped into four distinct categories, each of which represents a different mental state. These groups are mentioned in brief elsewhere on this site, but here an in depth look at them is presented. The four most recognised groups of brainwaves are; Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

Alpha Frequency

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brainwaves are generated by the brain when in a relaxed but alert state. As discussed in another article here, each group carries a particular frequency, the alpha range is 8hz to 14hz. Alpha is generally a very desired frequency, and has many uses in terms of brain entrainment. It is a target frequency for many meditators, and is also very effective in reducing stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Beta Frequency

Beta Brainwaves

At a frequency between 14hz and 30hz, beta brainwaves are the most dominant during times of high mental and physical activity. Stimulating beta brainwaves can lead to higher levels of concentration, improving learning ability and attention. Research into ADD and ADHD has also confirmed that increasing beta levels can be of benefit to those with that condition.

Theta Frequency

Theta Brainwaves
Found during periods of dreaming, trance and hypnosis, theta brainwaves operate at a frequency of 4hz to 8hz. Theta is also used during entrainment to induce high levels of relaxation, and deep meditations. At low theta levels, the pineal gland can become stimulated which in turn can bring on mild visions, as well as enhance intuition and imagination.

Delta Frequency

Delta Brainwaves
Associated with deep sleep, delta brainwaves are found between the frequencies of 0.5hz and 4hz. Delta entrainment is most regularly used to induce sleep and is actually a recognised aid for helping with insomnia. Individuals who are exceptionally skilled with meditation can sometimes attain delta brainwaves whilst remaining awake.

Brainwaves and Entrainment

Entrainment gives an individual the ability to change their own brainwaves to specific targetted ones. This is an extremely important fact and provides for an almost ulimited potential of options. It means people are no longer 'stuck' with their particular dominating mind-set. Whether they suffer from insomnia, stress and anxiety - or simply wish to relax or experience different levels of meditation - the entrainment technology allows them to adjust their brainwaves towards a mind-set that is perfect for the job at hand. The effects of entrainment are far reaching, as each human mental and emotional activity creates a different set of brainwaves, it is possible to use the frequencies from positive brainwaves and through entrainment allow anyone to experience and benefit from them.

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